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Name Surname Country Website
Ulla Eskelinen Finland
Erja Saarto Finland
serge becquevort France
Florian Boutoille France
Nicolas GIRARD France azurvet.com
Philippe HENNET France www.advetia.fr
Thibault HERICHER France veterinaireandelle.com
Dejan Marinkov France www.veterinairelionvert.fr
GAULT Simon France
Vincent Sourbet France
Andrea Andrea Germany
Anja Bacher-Bröhling Germany
Alexandra Becker Germany www.vetspezial.de
Judith Bösser Germany www.kleintierpraxis-aartalsee.de
Martin Florian Buck Germany
Anna Draschka Germany www.tierarzt-Hadern.de
Markus Eickhoff Germany www.vet-dent.com
Jennifer Feiden Germany
Dr. Joerg Gerhardus Germany www.tierarztpraxis-dr-gerhardus.de
Viktoria Himmelsbach Germany www.tierklinik-stuttgart.de