Grant for EVDF 2024 - Nantes

Grant for EVDF 2024 - Nantes

Grant for EVDF 2024 - Nantes

The European Veterinary Dental Society is glad to announce that they will provide an educational grant of € 1500 to 3 attendees to the European Veterinary Dental Forum 2024 in Nantes.

This grant will be provided to graduated applicants who write a letter with a convincing argument why they should receive the grant.

The grant is intended to be used for EVDF registration/travel and accommodation costs.

Applicants have to be either graduated less than 3 years or be a first year resident AND be a first time attendee.

A copy of the diploma will have to be sent in together with the application form. If the applicant is a first-year resident of an EVDC or AVDC training program, a letter from mentor is required in addition. Rewarding of the grant will be randomly assigned.

Deadline for application is 1st February 2024, notification of acceptance will be before 1stMarch 2024.

The grant will be rewarded by EVDC.


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